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What our clients think about Sportymap?
Alex Czek
August 15th 2016
Great experience. I've rent two times my longskates on sportymap. Everything works well. The renter came home to pick it up before i went to work. I will do it again for sure. Looking forward the see the app release.
July 11th 2016
I've rent two times on the website (surf + skate) and the service is excellent and smooth! You should try it.
May 7th 2016
Super reactive team, very chill and friendly, a great solution to surf anytime during the year!
April 22nd 2016
I rent 2 longboard in Paris for 2 days, I loved the concept and the service. Really awesome!I'll rent other boards in future for sure! TOP!
June 15th 2016
Très très belle idée et un bon service. J'ai déjà loué 3 fois ma planches ( un 7 pieds) , le contrat est très simple à remplir. Je continuerais par le biais de sportymap de louer mes planches.
June 15th 2016
I rent out my Rayne longboard to basile, result: A board that become usefull for another rider, and a big smile on the face of Basile + another rental with him next week. Very efficient and available, i advise you the service, and you will see my bike on the website soon. Keep going, and thank you for all!
Jess Nsw
May 1st 2016
Super concept, super boards, a great team very cool and available, that also provide you free advice! I rent two times longskates on SportyMap, and i will continue again Thank you Mathieu and the team;)
Alan Buj
June 15th 2016
Au top ! Service vraiment cool ,aucun soucis ! I was abble to have a ride and visit paris on a fixie, that was really awesome!